Contour Abs Review

Click HereMany consumers are familiar with the seen-on-TV products that offer amazing results with little work and are often skeptical of the results. However one seen-on-TV product that is making quite a splash in the work out world is the Contour Abs system.

The Contour Abs system is a special electronic belt that sculpts your abs without having to do difficult sit ups, crunches and push ups. The science behind the Contour Abs systems was developed by Swiss medical specialists who designed the belt to make the muscles do a full contraction without having to do a thing. It electronically stimulates the core muscles allowing the wearer to feel the burn much like they would feel during a rigorous work out. This system recognizes that in order to get great abs you must get as many of your core stomach muscles to contract as possible as well as engage a wide range of the muscle fibers.


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Many may be wondering if it is too good to be true however studies and research are showing it can work. During one study conducted with special images people can actually see the amount of heat produced by someone working with the Contour Ab system was much more than someone who was doing a typical ab work out with sit ups or crunches.

There are many benefits that come with using the Contour Abs system. One of the first benefits includes how convenient it is. People can use it around the house giving them great abs without having to head out to the gym. These days many people are very busy with their career or family lives to spend much time away from home.

Secondly the Contour Abs system is inexpensive. When compared to what it cost to go to a gym these days or the price of exercise equipment the Contour Abs system saves the consumer hundreds of dollars if not more a year.

Lastly but most importantly, it works! No more having to be embarrassed while in a bathing suit or stressed out over your flabby abs. Instead you can have the abs you have always wanted without all the hard work.

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Core Rhythms Reviews: Does Hot Latin Dance And Weight Loss Mix?

Core Rhythms Reviews: Does Hot Latin Dance And Weight Loss Mix?

It is the ultimate catch-22. Everyone wants a sexy body but no one wants to suffer through boring workouts to achieve their goal. Core Rhythms presents a weight loss program with a revolutionary design. Instead of repeating tedious exercises Core Rhythms utilizes sexy Latin moves so you can dance your way to a better body and a new you.

core rhythmsJaana Kunitz and Julia Powers, world champion Latin dancers and fitness experts, developed Core Rhythms to the relief women everywhere. With this unique program you can dance your way to a better body and avoid the typical dreaded core workout without sacrificing benefits. Core Rhythms will raise your heart rate to burn maximum calories and tighten your core at the same time. No muscle is left out. You will forget you are working your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and black with the upbeat music and sexy moves.

The Core Rhythms starter package contains a well thought out assortment of DVDs to accommodate individual styles and your day-to-day mood. The Latin Dance Made Easy DVD is an instructional video featuring Jaana’s and Julia’s husband to teach three popular Latin dances that you can use as a daily workout and then take to the club for a night of dancing. The Core Rhythms Quick Workout DVD squeezes the results of a full length workout into a mere 20 minutes for those days when 24 hours is simply not enough. The third DVD, Core Rhythms Full Workout, develops essential Latin dancing skills that incorporate drills to exercise your core. In addition to the motivating dance DVDs, the starter package also includes their Great-Eating Guide that shares tips on how to slim down the healthy way.

After you have mastered the DVDs included in the starter package, five other DVDs are available. For those who wish to advance in their Latin dancing skills or increase their workout intensity consider the Kick Start, Lower Body Sculpt, Latin Cardio, Secret to Sexy Abs, and Dancer Diet Guide DVDs.

In a nut shell, the Core Rhythms method is exactly what the fitness market has been waiting for. Upbeat music, enthusiastic instructors, and enjoyable dance moves make this program a diamond in the rough. An added bonus to this program is that no expensive equipment is necessary in any of the workouts. Simply pop in the DVD, grab a bottle of water, and start dancing.

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Flirty Girl Fitness Reviews

Flirty Girl Fitness Program is designed around various modern dance moves. It was created by Canadian sisters Kerry and Krista Knee. The fitness routines include using a dance pole, a pink feather boa, and chair. There are several DVDs offered by Flirty Girl including ones specifically for chair or pole work. They also sell kits and dance poles on their website. There are two fitness club locations, one each in Toronto and Chicago. These are both women only clubs, but that doesn’t limit the program as anyone can use the videos.

The main idea of this program is to have fun and feel sexy while getting fit. The dance moves are designed to incorporate aerobic exercise and muscle sculpting. The program is made to be fun to encourage regular use. The program targets women of any age or fitness level. The DVDs are 35 minutes to an hour long and led by Krista and Kerry. The dance moves are often exotic and always sexy.

There are many benefits to Flirty Girl Fitness Programs. The fun factor means that you will do it more often than other programs. The fact that it is designed to be fun does not deter from its effectiveness though. The dance moves tone, burn fat, and increase flexibility. It is an aerobic, toning, and stretching workout all in one package. In many cases you will use muscles you haven’t used before, or at least in years. With the exception of the pole dancing videos, no special equipment is required. This makes it an affordable and space saving option.

The variety of videos offered makes it easy to find something you like. If pole dancing isn’t your cup of tea, there are several other options. If it doesn’t work for you, the company also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Perhaps for many women, the biggest benefit will be the sexiness factor. The dance moves will make you feel sexy and daring. What woman couldn’t use a little sexy?

The Flirty Girl program is great a way to get into shape while having fun and boosting your self-confidence.

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Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Review

Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Review

ardyss body shaper

This is meant to tell you more about the product and tell you how to get this Body Shaper without getting pitched the business opportunity!  You can get the Ardyss Body Shaper, at the moment from!

The Ardyss Body Magic Shaper is the perfect solution for reshaping and gives the appearance of a firm and tight lower body without the expensive costs of plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction.

It is made of a very sturdy elastic fabric with lace detail for a feminine touch. The back of the shaper provides maximum support with doubled fabric and lightweight boning for ultimate upper and lower back support. The front of the garment has a tight strap across the tummy that holds everything in place, which continues down to the abs for support in that region as well. The shoulder straps have 3 rows of hooks, which not only pull the shoulders back, but also assist in improving posture when sitting and standing.

Most body shaping garments do not provide any posture support, which makes this a much needed added bonus! The side panels of the Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper help slim the hips and thighs, while the buttocks region gives extra lifting support. There is no bra included with it, which is best, because it allows you to choose your own bra to wear with the shaper, no matter what your bust size is.

Some of the main benefits of the Ardyss Body Shaper may seem too good to be true. For starters, the genius design of the body shaper works by redistributing some of the body’s irregularities to more desirable areas. Basically, it can actually move fat and flab from unwanted areas to areas where it might be more appreciated or needed. This redistribution can actually become permanent from constant wear, not to mention, it can reduce your waist up to 3 sizes. The Ardyss Body Magic can also serve as an instant tummy tuck, as it helps to flatten the abdomen and lifts the stomach to reduce the sight of a pudgy stomach.

All in all, the Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper is a VERY handy article of clothing to have on hand if you are having a little trouble squeezing into your favorite dress or pair of pants.

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