My 65 Pound Nutrisystem Adventure.

It is less than 25 days until summer do have the body you want this summer? If the answer is no I have a weight loss program that will give the results you want!! Have an extra 10lbs, 20lbs or more you want to loss? Well NutriSystem is the program you want to start now!!!

65 pounds gone with Nutrisystem

You may be asking does this weight loss program really work? Are the success stories on this program real? I am going to be the first to tell you YES! This program does work!! I am a real person that loss 65 pounds on their program successfully and I am one of NutriSystem’s success stories that was featured in Good Housekeeping’s April 2007 issue showcasing my weight loss story.

Before I joined this program I weighed 225 pounds and have been heavy most of my adult life. One day during my visit with my OBGYN she told me that I needed to lose weight otherwise I would become a diabetic just like my dad and that scared me. So I was researching different diet programs and believe me I tried them all from Atkins, South Beach, Slim Fast and others.

One night I was watching a NutriSystem infomercial and see all of these people that have lost weight successfully. I was excited and I joined the program in September 2005 determine to loss this weight for my health and before I turned 30 in September 2006. Many may ask what made you want to do NutriSystem instead of the other diet programs? Well these are my reasons:

  • The program consisted of 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners, and 28 desserts that were all pre-portioned for my convenience and all shipped to my front door every 4 weeks.
  • The convenience of weighing in and talking to a weight loss consultant from the comfort of my own home at almost anytime of the day.
  • The price was affordable. Only $290 approx. per month and free shipping.
  • I only had to add in fresh fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products of my own.
  • The program also gives you many suggestions on what to add to their entrees to make your meals yummy.
  • The support you get from people across the country on their support boards.
  • Access to a food journal to track how much you eat, a fitness journal to see how much calories burned and a simple journal to write about your progress.

Now tell me if you could have all of that and lose weight would you want to join NutriSystem ASAP to get that summer body this summer? I know I would do it again in a heart beat. Ladies you will be able to wear that bikini and look fabulous and gentlemen you will be able to bare that chest with pride.

I remember each month on the program heaving milestone. The first month I lost 15lbs and I could not believe it!! The second month I lost 10 lbs. That’s twenty five pounds in 2 months! Third month came and I lost more weight 8 pounds and this was during the holidays and the worst time of the year people way say to lose weight. By Christmas I lost 32.5 pounds. Then the fourth month I loss 10 lbs and by May of 2006 I lost a total of 65 pounds, reaching my goal weight. I went from a size 18/20 to a size 8!!

And now a year later I have maintained my weight loss, I feel healthier, I love to exercise now, and I love shopping now that the clothes fit much better and I can shop anywhere I want. You can too. Your weight loss success is just a click away. Check out NutriSystemTODAY!