Ab Circle Pro Fitness System Reviews

Ab CircleDo you have ugly love handles or the “pouch” that so many women have been stuck with after child birth? Do you have just a few extra unwanted pounds that you would like to get rid of? Do you want an exercise machine that will show results quickly? If you fall in this category then I have the piece of equipment you have been looking for.

The newest piece of fat burning technology is the Ab Circle Pro. This machine combines abdominal exercise workouts with a great cardio workout that will have you burning fat in no time. If you are like millions of others you can honestly ask what the correct way to exercise your abs is. You can stop the life long search and start your path to a better looking body just by trying the Ab Circle Pro.

The Ab Circle Pro was designed while keeping in mind that the average person wants an exercise machine that will show results. While using this machine you will of course need to be eating right, and you will see remarkable results. If you are having second thoughts already because you have tried various ab machines in the past then pay no attention to those horrible thoughts. Even you have what it takes to succeed with this machine. The Ab Circle Pro was designed so you would not have to learn the correct way to do a crunch, you just position yourself on the machine and do as the video shows, it’s that simple.

The Ab Circle Pro glides along a friction free track back and forth giving you the even burn across your stomach. While your tummy is being exercised your waist is also being toned and you are getting a great cardiovascular workout burning calories for fat loss. This system is fool proof so anyone can easily figure it out. Not only will your central abs get toned so will your obliques.

Your arms and chest also get a workout because they are supporting your body weight while exercising. The unique design of the hand positions provides an excellent way of strengthening the arms and shoulders because they are supporting your upper body. You will also build bone density which guards against brittle bones down the road. There are adjustments you can make on the machine that will allow you to get a bun and thigh workout.

With the Ab Circle Pro you can get the great looking waistline you have always dreamed of. You can use this machine for only two to five minutes a day and see amazing results in as little as two weeks. Why would you do another back breaking sit up or go through another calorie counting diet after hearing about the results of this product? The Ab Circle Pro is a fun and easy way to look your best so jump on board and show everyone the better you!!

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  1. How much is it after the $15, 30 day trial?

  2. ive been thinking of buying for so long but i really wanna noe if its gonna help ma flab go away ;)

  3. It will cost you around 250.00 when all is said and done

  4. can ab circle pro be bought in the uk, because I can not find a supplier

  5. I purchased mine throu hsn.. they do not charge for shipping or the 14.95 trail period… 4 payments of 50 bucks..They sell out very quickly and that is the only place to get it besided their website. I havve had it for 40 days. I was 152 when I started I am now 138. I have no muffin top and a flatter the flat tummy. This is the best fittness purchase I have ever made..

  6. Got the product for my GF and she used it a couple of times and I used it more then she but it is hard on the knees. But the problem I have is that when you return the product you are charged the shipping fee to send the product to you and to get it back to them. Your refund is minus $35 to ship the product to you. After speaking with Customer Service Superviser they do not have to disclose this information till you attempt to return it. NOT GOOD BUSINESS!!! I say they should be shut down

  7. It’s more than 250 bucks all in all.

  8. Did u buy the machine? Did it work for yu? How much to buy if u live in Canada? Do u recommend it?

  9. Bertha V. Cloonan says:

    I sent a request for the AB Circle Pro but I have heard nothing – how long before I will know when the AB Circle Pro will be shipped to my home address??

  10. Wondering how hard the surface is and affect on the knees…if it is too hard does anyone have a suggestion on how to overcome that? Thanks.

  11. HI.
    I HAVE THE ABCIRCLE PRO AND I LOVE IT. I HAVE HAD IT FOR ONE WEEK. I PURCHASED IT OFF E-BAY. THEY WERE SELLING FOR OVER 200.00. i picked one that was free shipping, and it was a second chance offer. i had bid on a few of them, but you can purchase from the ab website just as cheap.. the offer was a good one. i paid 195.00 and not shipping. i can already see the difference in my colthing… would i recommend this item? yessssssssssss.

  12. I purchased the abcirclepro about 1-1/2 weeks ago. It took them about 1 week to process the order and 2 days to ship it by Fed-ex. It cost me a total of $329.24. The exercise machine is $199.75, the calorie counter electronic device for $39.95, and the 3 year extended warrenty for $29.95. It is true that you have to mail it back for warrenty repair at your cost plus a check for $34.50 for the return shipping. I used it for 10 min today and felt the workout it claims. We’ll see if it’s worth the money paid over time….

  13. I bought it and tried it. It wish I could stay on it for more than 3 minutes. What I mean by this is it is hard on the knees. It does have cushioned knee cups however when you are putting almost your entire body weight on your knees then you are going to feel it. I felt that it almost immediately was working out my trap muscles. I really felt the most burn in my shoulder/trap area. I have back problems and only two days into using it I felt like my back felt so much better and my muscles were loosened up but instead of back pain, now my knees are very sore. I think this could be a great machine. It is fun till your knees hurt so much you have to stop. I have to admit, I didn\’t realize when I ordered it that there was a weight capacity of somewhere around 175 and I am about 185. I don\’t know if that is why I didn\’t feel the machine glided very smoothly or if that is just how the machine worked. Overall, I would buy it and try it again if they redesigned it where it glided more smoothly and if they made the knee cups more comfortable. If I could do it long enough to see results I think it would work. I am going on a diet to see if I can shed some weight then may try it again. I just think it\’s a shame that it isn\’t able to accommodate heavier people. Isn\’t that the point of workout equipment? To encourage weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. I think this product would probably be great for someone who isn\’t that heavy because obviously it would be less weight on the knees. I don\’t know, I like the concept because it was lots of fun and it made my back pain go away however then I gained very sore knees. I guess no pain, no gain. I am hoping they redesign it to put less wear and tear on the knees. I would definitely give it another try. Let\’s face it, the reason so many of us hate working out is because we get bored on the treadmill and bicycle. It gets old real quick. The ab circle pro was at least fun. Hope they redesign for heavier people and make the knee cups longer and more cushioned.

    • Lin-lin, work out on your grammar a little. You do not have to write a novel for a comment, and repeat the fact that you think the machine is hard on the knees. I understood what you meant by the time I read the FIRST 200 pages!

    • Lin-lin Thank you so much for your thourough review. I am glad to hear about the weight issue. As I am a 230 pounds. I have been thinking on buying one but with the weight capacity, this will not work for me. Also about the knee part. This was another topic I had wondeed about. I have knee problems and the softness of the the knee pads is important. Thank you so much.

    • The weight limit is 275! You have talked so many people out of this product due to lack of knowings about it.

  14. The machine is crap… made of the lowest quality, but I do love the way it works my love handles.

  15. Glad there was a mention of a weight issue with this machine, was seriously thinking about getting one but, I weight 230 pounds, 15 pounds overweight, which sounds like it might be an issue. Thanks!

  16. I have just rec’d my ab circle pro today i’m very impress with the machine; i think you have to really get a understanding of how the swing works for you, because i can really see and feel my sides working. I am loving it so far the only problem i see so far was a better knee cap support other than that it is a A+ machine.

  17. I was thinking about making the purchase but after reading #14 review which was very very helpful, I have changed my mind. I am close to weighing 195 and was so looking forward to using the machine but since it does not accomodate persons with my weight size, I will have to try something else in addition to reducing my caloric intake. Sure was hoping the machine would work for me! Thanks everyone for your reviews! Back to walking and the sit ups.

  18. I would like to buy the Ab circle but will not as long as the company is not up front with all costs. Also i am 200lbs they would have to make a better product that helps support the knees.


  20. I purchased the Ab Circle Pro less than a month ago for my girlfriend. In that short period of time one of the roller wheels flattened out making the machine inoperable. I was told because I no longer have the box it came in they will not take an exchange. Looks like I paid over $200 for a cheaply constructed peice of gym equipment. Too bad really because my girlfriend loves it.

  21. I should also mention that my girlfriend only weigh’s 130 lbs, so she is well under the max capacity.

  22. I went to the Website that the late night infomercial listed. It signed you up for a vitamin suppliment plan when you ordered the machine through them. I saw the same machine offered at Sears.com without the suppliment plan.

  23. I have the Ab circle and I am 227 lbs and my son uses it and he is 250 lbs, so yes if you have more weight it does hold you and does work even on that size. Hope this has helped the ones that were questioning it about the weight.

  24. I have an ab circle pro.

    The weight limit is 275 not 175lbs.

    At least that is what my manual says.

  25. If you are going to buy one of htese I would but it through Walmart.com…..shipping is minimal (currently $0.97) deliverd to your local wal-mart and with their great return policy no shipping to return it if it is not to your liking. I’ve read many mixed reviews but Walmart sells the “upgraded” model that seems to have addressed some of the initial manufacturing problems. I would also call the manufacturer and say that you need replacement rollers as these are free and you will then have them on hand just in case. With walmart you get the base warranty…..e-bay sites have no warranty. Manufacturer seems to have poor record of service when dealing with returns, shipping costs are high both ordering and returning. They do seem to be fairly good at sending out replacement parts though. Still deciding whether to purchase one or not but if I do this will be the way I buy it.

  26. I am glad to have read all these comments I was considering buying the Ab but now I am concerned of the quailty & the wieght issue. I think I will wait to hear a few more responces.

  27. i thought the ab circle would be awesome lose weight and have fun. Well it is defenitly fun for the first ten minutes then the paint sticks to the wheels and makes it so i cant move. i wish it had better rotation then it would be good but until then waste of money

  28. I am a female over 60 should I buy this machine? 160 lbs

  29. I love love love the ab circle pro! It has really boosted my metabolism and I felt the burn as soon as I started! It is a fun and quick way to work out! My knees did hurt a little when I started, I am on my third day now and I beared the pain and now my knees don’t hurt anymore! It is just like anything else, you’ve got to get use to it! I mean come on common sense tells you if you never got on your knees before and then you go to doing it everyday, they are gonna hurt until you get use to it! I love it! I am ready to move the incline up a knotch already and see how that goes for me! Can’t wait to see how the results are after 2 weeks!

  30. the weight limit is 275 not 175…

    • THANK YOU! I was reading all these reviews and so many people were getting talked out of it because they weight almost 200lbs. Well it says right there on the ab circle the weight limit is 275! Not sure where the 175 came from.

  31. I just bought this and i might say DONT WASTE UR MONEY….I used this for literally two hours and then the wheels wouldnt roll very easy and I notice grooves being made into the circle part. I have tried to contact customer service to get a return auth number and of course NOBODY WILL ANSWER…im not paying 250 bucks for this. I know I will have lost out about 100 bucks since my trial was 14.95 and i paid 35.00 shipping plus i gotta pay to ship back but O WELL im sending it back i learned my lesson on buying excersise equipment on a whim!!!!

  32. This machine is crap! I bought it a week ago and after three to four uses the roller has gone bad and it makes it very difficult to use. It does work good just wish it was made with better quality parts, oh yeah, you can’t get replacement parts. I would NOT Buy this!

  33. i just ordered my ad circle pro but after reading all these comments i wish i hadnt expecally since the customer servies did not sound right and tryed to sell me 20 different things also even told me i won a trip to disney world… bullshit i think i made a mistake

  34. I have purchased the machine, and I have to say I like it, but at the same time time its Kind of dangerous because I have slept backwards off the knee holders twice, which resulted in my knees hitting the metal..Pain. The knee holders should have been longer.

  35. I have the ab circle pro. I think that it works good but the maufacturers should have made the knee pads more cushioned. I stay on it for about 10- 15 minutes and I build up a bit of a sweat. I don’t sweat half as much on the abcircle pro as I do during a cardio 45 minute workout. The ab circle is good for toning your abs I would say, but for the rest of the body to be worked out, I would recommend cardio or aerobic exercise. After I get done on the ab circle pro, I don’t feel like I got a significant fat burning workout, so I usually do a cardio workout DVD along with it. I just got the 3 ab circle pro DVD’s so once I try them, maybe it will help build more of a fat burning routine for me so then I won’t have to resort to extra workouts. I don’t think that the 3 minute express workout that comes with the purchase is greatly beneficial. I was expecting more out of it than just the basic instructions on how to use the machine. I am hoping that the three DVDs that were just purchased are more beneficial. I am going to try exercising only on the ab circle pro for a while and see if I loose any weight or see any differences. And about the one post that is up a bit more, they said that the weight limit was only 175 but it isn’t the weight limit is 275. There are people that started out being in the 200 pound ranges and they got down quite a few pounds. If the weight limit was only 175 I don’t think that they’d be making much profit. Anyways, I will post another comment maybe in a few weeks to update on my results if any amazingly happen. I am hoping this works for my tummy after having a pregnancy that packed an extra 75 pounds on me. Mostly all of my weight went to my stomach. After the pregnancy I did loose about 40- 50 pounds with exercise, but my big flabby stomach is still here and waiting for a miracle! LOL. I am really hoping that after a while of use , this ab circle pro will be an answer to my prayers!


    • Just wondering how things are going for you? I just bought it, and would love an update from you to inspire me more. I also have the baby tummy weight, it is where I carry my extra weight.

  36. like the concept, hate the machine.
    $200 and the electronic device couldn’t
    be included? kudos on who ever invented
    ab-circle, but u shoulda searched for a
    better maufacturer. i wasted $200

  37. this is motivating me to get off the couch

  38. I just got the machine from Ebay yesterday. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will keep it. I am petite, under 5 feets. The distance from the knee cap to the handle is too far for me. I have to stretch out my arms, which get tired and hurted easily after a few swings. I tried to adjust the handle length but it is still too far. The knee cup on the right side is twisted 360 degrees around, instead of being blocked by the metal. I don’t know whether that’s a defect or the design. I think I will call the manuafacture and return it if I can.

  39. I absolutely love this machine! We did have to replace the rollers though because of how much my husband uses it. Started to get bumpy and not as smooth! We called and they sent us the new rollers that were easy to install. I will admit that I am extremely lazy and not an enthusiast when it comes to exercising. But I started out at 3 minutes and I am now up to 5 minutes twice a day. I look forward to it every day!! My husband used it all the time and I wouldn’t get on it. But now this is my second week and I really love it!!!!! Definitely worth the investment!!

    • I am so with you!! I love it too. I started out with workingout for 5-8 minutes and now iam up to 15-20 minutes and man does that feel good!!!

  40. I have had my Ab Cirlce Pro for about 1 month. I was sucked in to it because it looked like a work out anyone could do. In fact anyone can use it if the roller wheels last. Mine are already worn out and I think after only a month the manufacturer should replace.

  41. I wanted the ab circle for so long.. I finally own it and yes i have had it for over 3 weeks now and i have noticed the inches disappearing!!! Awesome.. I love it!! I am on my treadmill for abs darn near everyday. I have to say this rocks and it is sooo worth the 200 some bucks for it…. I am so glad they came out with something like this.. I hope its working as well as it is for me!!!


  42. I purchased the AB circle and after a week of using it and feeling good, You can really feel itin your upper and lower body. I am not sure what happened, but my knees flew out of the cups and I ended up pretty bruised, and since I still was gripping the handles, I came down on the circle and bruised my ribs. Needless to say ouch.
    It does work but would have like better construction parts. I purchased it at Sports Authority for $149.00. It may still be on sale. Otherwise, going through Wal-Mart is probably the best way, because of their return policy.

  43. I like my Ab circle Pro but the rollers have worn out and I don’t know how to go about getting new ones

  44. best african mango says:

    The ab circle is good for toning your abs I would say, but for the rest of the body to be worked out, I would recommend cardio or aerobic exercise.

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