Why You Should Consider Zumba & All Its Benefits

Probably the most popular fitness class in recent years is Zumba. The popularity is down to a few things. The fitness class incorporates fun energetic dance moves in a group environment which makes it a great social event. Not only that you able to burn a lot of calories, as you are constantly moving. Therefore this fitness class is particularly of interest to people wanting to lose weight. Zumba does require a certain amount of co-ordination to accomplish, but because it is so fun, if you can’t get it the first few times around, it doesn’t matter as everyone is very light hearted and generally are laughing and having a good time.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

One of the best benefits of zumba is that it will drastically improve your cardiovascular health, when done consistently. A good cardiovascular system means a good, strengthened heart, and if this system is weak, you may experience shortness in breath, and find day to day tasks difficult. In some cases can lead to a heart attack.

Weight Loss

Did you know that in 1lb of fat there are 3500 calories!

So that means if you were to shave off 500 calories a day from your diet you would lose a 1lb a week. Sounds good? Well if you managed to get in an 1hr of Zumba a day than you would burn approx 400-800 calories leaving you only to cut out 100 calories less than you would normally to reach your goal of losing a 1lb a week! Sounds even better doesn’t? Less sacrifice on cutting back to the food

Improved Coordination

If you have little co-ordination then this is a great place to start to improve it. Keeping good co-ordination becomes very important and apparent as you get older as many fall and can cause serious injury and even death. Maintained or improved co-ordination will reduce the likelihood of a fall as you get older.

Improved Mood

Everyone loves endorphins! Endorphins are what your body produces during exercise and give you that feel good factor. People with depression are advised to take up exercise as a kind of release and natural mood booster. The highest amount of endorphin is produced when taking part in cardio exercise such as dance.

Overall, Zumba is a great workout class. With a vast array of benefits, regularly going to a class will benefit you physically, psychologically, and socially. Also if you are uncomfortable with dancing in the presence of others, there are plenty of ways you can join in and be a part of the Zumba craze such as purchasing the Wii zumba fitness game which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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