The Importance Of Kettlebell Workouts

Most people think that Kettlebell is just the same as the dumbbell, but they’re very different in mechanism and also ways of implementation. Kettlebell provides more challenges as it will force the users to boost their muscle strength and mass to complete the exercise series. The Kettlebell exercises are available for both female users as well as men’s, so everyone can basically use this exercise device to improve their performance and fitness level.

When people are training with their Kettlebell, they’re not only developing their strength, about also their body’s tolerance toward the weight and the overall performance. Over time, they will grow tolerance and resistance over the device. That’s why regular dumbbell won’t work because it can’t challenge the users to the higher levels. But Kettlebell is able to provide such challenge.

When people are used to one type of exercise, they can try other position that will certainly bring them to new exercise platform. In short, people won’t be bored with this Kettlebell exercise as they can always find new challenges to improve their own performance and fitness level.

For The Chest And Arms

There’re several Kettlebell workouts for men that can certainly improve their muscle strength, especially around the shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps area. One of the most commonly workout method often used is the one arm row. This type of exercise will push the strength limit around the shoulders, triceps, chest, and also their core.

The steps they need to do are:

  • Take positions as if they were going to do pushups routine.
  • Use one Kettlebell only on their right side hand.
  • Lift the right hand and hold on to the Kettlebell.
  • Pull the right hand elbow toward the shoulder. Be sure that the Kettlebell is lifted off the ground.
  • Be sure to lock the body position and don’t rotate it.
  • Lower the Kettlebell and repeat the movements several times.
  • Alternate with other hands.

For The Lower Body Part

When people are doing this type of exercise, they can train their balance and also body’s control. It’s certainly a perfect exercise for the lower body part. People can follow these steps:

  • Use two Kettlebells on each hand. The palms are facing outwards.
  • Move the right leg ahead and kneel down. Be sure that the right leg is making a 90 degree position.
  • Keep the back remaining straight and hold this position about 2 seconds before they resume the previous position and stand upright.
  • Alternate legs and repeat the movements for several times.

The Regular Push Ups

People can still do the regular push ups movements by using their Kettlebell. This type of Kettlebell workouts for men can really challenge the upper body strength. The steps are:

  • Place the kettlebell on the floor and the palms are on the sides.
  • Lower the body until the handle of the Kettlebell is facing toward the chest.
  • Keep the abs tucked in and the back straight
  • Push up until the elbows are locked
  • Repeat the movements several times.

This movement may seem simple but it can be very efficient and also handy to improve the upper body’s strength. You can visit website (Click Here) for more depth kettlebell workouts information.

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