Russian Traditional Sport – Kettlebell Workouts

More than one country that exist in this world and the country itself is not the same between one and another, because it is different, there are so many new things that can be used by people as a way to make their life more colorful. Russian is one of country and like other; it has plenty of interesting things, not only from the culture, but also from the custom and activities.

One of interesting thing form it is about sport and one of sport from that country is about kettlebell workouts. Like the name, it is similar like kettle but it is in heavy metal and commonly, people called it as girya. This type of thing is really useful in shaping or training the cardiovascular and strength. Commonly, it is made from iron and the weight of it is various, starting from the small, bigger, and the biggest.

To make people easier indicating their capabilities in lifting the bells, people make it in the scale of kilograms, such as two kilograms, four kilograms, six kilograms and much more. As the progress of time, this kettlebell swing has been known in all over the world and it is used as the solution for people who want to make their body into good shape, such as six packs.

The types of movement that can be done by people through using bells are moving down, moving up, moving left and right. When people reach the small level, they can move to the higher level that is through changing or increasing the weight of the bells. When people use the up and down movement, it will trains the bicep muscles in the hands and it can make it stronger, on the other hand, the right and left movement, can make the strength of the people is in stable, because no matter it is left or right movement, people can manage it by themselves.

This kind of sport is loved by people because they do not need to spend much money when they want to have great body, only need to buy kettlebell swing and they can do variety of movement in the place as they want. In the recent time, this sport has become the most choice for people in order to shape their body and even, there is a group or community for those people who has six packs body or at least good body for normal people.

So people, starting from traditional type, it has changed into international sport that is done in all over the world and sometime countries make it as the national event to win certain prize for the winner. Finally, there is no wrong for any people to so anything although it is a traditional one, such as doing kettlebell swing.

No matter how bad or how silly your condition right now, great shape for the body is possible to be owned by every people because there is nothing impossible in this world as long as people want to do their best.


  1. Kettlebell workouts can be dangerous if proper technique isn’t used right from the beginning. I would highly recommend a kettlebell book, workout video or using a certified kettlebell trainer to learn the motions with correct technique.

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